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Calligraphy, Bookbinding, Decorated Papers for Adults & Children (aged 10+)

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The Calligraphy Studio


Classes for adults and children 10 years and older.

The study and practice of calligraphy is very much like learning how to play a musical instrument. Students would never expect to be accomplished musicians after a few weeks of classes. Nor should students of calligraphy expect to hand letter the Desiderata after a few weeks of classes.Both the aspiring musician and calligrapher must learn to train the hand, the eye, and the mind to work together as one.The following classes are designed to facilitate this training. Calligraphy can be a lifelong study or something a student may wish to enjoy as a past time. All who have an interest in the art of beautiful writing are welcome.

Below is a list of classes and workshops.
To register - email <anbinder@sbcglobal.net> or phone 574/287-2189
Classes & Workshops are held in my home studio - 1223 Woodward Ave, South Bend, IN

Basic Calligraphy  

 Classes meet weekly. Beginning July 5 and July 7, 2016 (See dates following description)
Minimum of 4 students, Maximum of 6 students

5 class sessions - $75 
Two hours -Tuesdays - 6pm to 8pm | Wednesdays - 1pm to 3pm
Supplies will be available for purchase ($20 - Pilot Parallel Pen, cartridges, and grid paper)

Basic Calligraphy is designed for the beginning student as well as the continuing student. The focus will be on learning, practicing, and improving a specific calligraphic letterform per each series of classes. (i.e Italic, foundational, uncial/Celtic, black letter, Romans, pointed pen).

Week 1 - specifically for beginning students as a general introduction to calligraphy. Topics include supplies, brief history of letterforms through the ages, basic studio practices, and resource suggestions.
Week 2 - focus on half of the lower case families of letters
Week 3 - focus on second half of the lower case families of letters
Week 4 - focus on upper case A thru M
Week 5 - focus on upper case N thru Z

Dates subject to change depending on registrations

Session 2 Tues - July 5 to August 2       Wed - July 6 to August 3
Session 3 Tues - August 16 to Sep 13    Wed - August 17 to Sep 14
Session 4 Tues - Sept 27 to Oct 25         Wed - Sept 28 to Oct 26

Continuing Calligraphy

Classes meet weekly. Students may join the class at their convenience.
Minimum of 4 students, Maximum of 6 students

Students may purchase the amount of sessions they choose to be taken between May - October 2016
4 class sessions - $60  |  8 sessions - $96  |  12 sessions - $130 

Two hours - Thursdays - 6pm to 8pm beginning July 7, 2016

These classes are designed for those who have taken at least one Basic Calligraphy class and have an understanding of at least one letterform. Continuing students will have the opportunity to work at their own pace to improve skills. Additional tools and techniques will be discussed during the sessions to help round out the students' knowledge about calligraphy.

Tiny Books & Tiny Boxes

One Three-hour session, Date & times TBA
$45 includes all supplies and instruction

Participants will learn how to make several basic book structures for a myriad of uses. A perfect opportunity for those who have taken paste paper and painted paper workshops to use papers made during the workshop!

Calligraphy & Bookbinding for Kids 

Classes meet weekly. Students may join the class at any time.
Parents purchase 6-sessions to be used at their convenience over a two-month period of time.
Suitable for kids ages 10 years and older

6 class sessions - Mondays - 5pm to 6pm
$90 includes supplies used in class. Parents may purchase calligraphy pens, markers, ink, and paper for home use from the instructor.

Kids are spending so much time with keyboards. This class allows students the opportunity to find handwriting useful again! Students will focus on letterforms (aka fonts) with additional techniques and skills to round out the student's practice. Students will make handmade books, decorative papers, illuminated letters, and develop a love for words that will serve throughout their lives.

Paste Papers for All Occasions

1 three-hour session - $48 (including ALL supplies, paper, paints, brushes, palettes)
Dates & Times TBA

Pasting color onto paper is an age-old tradition. Using watercolors, gouache, acrylics, inks, and iridescent mediums, participants will enjoy the playfulness of applying colored &quot;paste&quot; to papers for a myriad of uses in paper projects. Use your papers in scrapbooking, making greeting cards, origami papers, calligraphic paintings, and more!

Painted Backgrounds for calligraphic paintings and other papercraft projects

1 three-hour class session - $48 (including ALL supplies, paper, paints, brushes, palettes)
Dates & Times TBA

 No talent is required to join this class. Participants will use watercolors, gouache, acrylics, inks, iridescent mediums, and more to paint decorative backgrounds to be used for scrapbooking, calligraphic paintings. greeting cards, and other paper projects.

How to use a dip pen

1 two-hour class session - $30 including $10 worth of supplies - nibs, pen holder and ink to take home
Date & times TBA

Calligraphers have the best toys with which to create, but the staple is the tried and true dip pen. With a pen handle, variety of nibs and inks as well as gouache at our fingertips, the vast world of lettering are infinite. This low-tech tool requires patience and practice to use successfully. This class will help gain the confidence to master the pen without making splatters and splotches.

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